Colonialism in Leipzig?

Leipzig is not Berlin nor Hamburg, neither is it Dar es Salaam or Windhoek. Nevertheless traces of German colonialism can be found throughout the city.

Exhibitions took place in order to stimulate the »colonial state of mind«. The director of the zoo set up a »Völkerwiese« to exhibit people. At the university and in the museum the explorer's newest findings from the »overseas possessions« were reported and published in Leipzig's publishing houses. Even long after the German Empire was denied its colonies by the Treaty of Versailles, an extensive range of colonial and tropical technologies were presented at the Leipzig trade fair.

This virtual city tour has as its goal to render visible the colonial traces in Leipzig. To envision them in the frame of a contemporary awareness is in our view indispensable to highlight the relation between colonial history and the contemporary debates around racism, global inequality and the going about with the »other«. Even more, we are of the opinion that racism can only be effectively contested when an awareness is created for the lasting influence of colonial thinking- and behavioural patterns on present-day racist structures and violence rates.

Leipzig postkolonial is a project by the Postcolonial Working Group of the Engagierte Wissenschaft Association.
To the theme we regularly offer city tours to interested parties.

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